How To Stop Overeating With These 2 Simple Mindful Eating Tips

I would like to invite you to think about how you eat.

Do you often sit down to a meal stressed? Or even worse – you don’t sit down at all but you just shovel the food into your mouth as you sprint out the door?

Have you ever ate so much during food preparation that you weren’t even hungry anymore when the meal was ready to eat?

Can you remember a time when you finished a meal only to remember nothing of it?

You were most probably sitting in front of the computer or you were watching a TV show or something. And because you weren’t focused on what you were eating, you didn’t experience the meal itself.

And I will not even mention eating in front of the refrigerator. That NEVER feels good.

You know what they say. How we do anything is how we do everything.

Which means that how we show up to a meal is how we show up in all other situations in our lives as well.

Honey, stress is bad for you, period. End of story. So it’s time to stop with that and start to form new habits that will make your eating more pleasurable.

It all starts with mindful eating.

Do you often sit down to a meal stressed? Or even worse – you don’t sit down at all but you just shovel the food into your mouth as you sprint out the door? This causes overeating which leads to weight gain. And, my dear, we don't want that. So it’s time to stop with that and start to form new habits that will make your eating more pleasurable.There are two main reasons why eating mindlessly is not ok.


First, when you are just shoveling food into your mind while watching TV or working, you are not really tasting it as much. You also eat way too fast. Before you even realize, your plate is empty and you have no memory whatsoever about your meal.

This deprives us of the pleasure of eating.

I know, I know. It is veeery tempting to do that. To eat while working. Or to eat while watching your favorite TV show. If anyone knows that, it’s me.

I’m a multitasker and not eating when working is something I’m working hard on every day. 

But the thing is, eating is not only about the physical hunger. Food is also an emotional nourishment.

When we are eating only to satisfy our physical hunger, we are missing out.

In the beginning, I asked if you can remember a time when you ate so much during the actual food preparation that you weren’t hungry anymore when the meal was ready. Well, when that happened – did you notice that even though you were physically satisfied, something was missing?

You weren’t satisfied emotionally.

You didn’t really experience the enjoyment that comes with eating something delicious.

That’s why it is so super important to only choose the food that you really like and to really take the time to eat it slowly and mindfully.


The second reason why mindless eating is not ok is overeating.

When you aren’t paying attention to what you’re eating, you’re also not really paying attention to how much you’re eating.

I know you already know what that means. You can so easily eat waaay to much.

Shoveling food into your mouth often ends up in eating twice the amount as truly needed.

We overhear our body’s cues of satiety.

Two simple tips to eat more mindfully

But even when you know all of these things, it is still quite hard to let go of our old eating patterns and eat mindfully. We are stressed. There istoo much to do. We are overwhelmed.

Even when we sit to a meal in silence without any distractions and we try to eat mindfully, it is still very much possible to still eat mindlessly.

So today I will share with you 2 simple tips that will make your eating much more mindful and pleasurable.


Eating with your eyes closed is such a powerful little exercise.

When you close your eyes, all of the sudden, everything else melts away and all of your senses concentrate on the way the food smells, feels and tastes in your mouth. 

This is pure enjoyment.

I posted about this on my Snapchat the other day, showing myself with a blindfold over my eyes while enjoying in a delicious watermelon.

And a lot of you wrote me back about trying it too, telling me what a wonderful experience it was for you.

I admit, I feel really funny eating with a blindfold over my eyes but it is a really powerful exercise! Whenever I do that, I enjoy food much more and I do eat much less than I expect to.

You know, the mere look of certain foods can seduce us into eating more.

First, it encourages us to put more on our plate. And second, it invites us to eat more later.

study shows that people ate 22% less food when blindfolded. But despite a smaller amount of food consumed when blindfolded, the reported feeling of fullness was identical to that reported after the larger meal consumed without the blindfold.

Try it out! I don’t expect you to do this every time you eat but just try it out and see what a magical experience it is.

You can also just close your eyes but I don’t trust myself – I’m pretty sure I’d peek from time to time. But this defeats the purpose. So, if you don’t trust yourself as well, use a blindfold.


Remember the last time you had something to eat. How long did you chew each bite before swallowing it?

A recent study showed that people that ate 1.5 to 2 times slower, ate 9.5% and 14.8% less food. And another research found that on average a person chews each bite only six times before swallowing the food.

We are eating way to fast which means these two things will most probably happen:

  • overeating,
  • possibly improper digestion.

Digestion actually requires a lot of energy, especially if forced to digest improperly chewed food. Chewing helps your stomach as well as it will be more efficient and will break down your food faster.

So darling, take your time and chew, chew, chew. Not only that your digestion will be much better, you will also taste (and appreciate) what’s on your plate so much more.





Drink your food and eat your water.

– Ancient Chinese Taoism proverb

The chewing process is really important as it’s the first step in digestion.

Even the ancient Chinese knew that it’s important to drink your food and eat your water. When we do that, everything improves. Chewing breaks the food down from large particles into smaller ones that are more easily digested. When the particles are smaller it is also much easier for your intestines to absorb the nutrients from the food.

Okay, my dear, are you feeling more prepared now? I hope so!

Using these two tips, you’ll be able to fully enjoy the pleasures of the food, while avoiding overeating.

Are you ready to transform into your best weight and health?

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Now I’d love to hear from you: Have you ever tried any of the tips above? Or, what tip can you add to the list?


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