Throw away your scale!

How do you feel when you step on the scale? Think for a second.

When you see that you lost weight, do you feel good?

… or anxious because it may go up again?

Numbers can be valuable, but only if you look at them without judgment (= impossible). So do yourself a favor and throw away that darn scale!

Maybe you feel good for a moment, but what happens in the next few hours or days?

The number is constantly somewhere inside your head.
It directs all your actions.

You’re even more aware of what you SHOULDN’T be eating because if you will, that number will go up again…

And how do you feel when that number on the scale goes up?

Well, we all know it… You feel terrible.

You obsess about food even more.

You restrict more.
You start making all these different plans on how you will finally lose weight.
You are even more aware of every little bite that goes into your mouth. You start counting calories …

In both cases, you obsess about food.

And this is because you obsess about your weight. And that always leads to unhealthy eating.

That number on the scale doesn’t tell you anything!

It may not even be an accurate representation if you really lost the fat or not.

Because the whole point of losing weight is losing fat, we don’t want to lose muscles, right?

But did you know how a pound of muscles looks like compared to a pound of fat? The fat is bulkier and takes much more space under the skin.

If you see that number on the scale go up, it may be that you just build more muscles.

Have you ever seen a before and after photo where the person on the first picture looked bigger that on the after photo but in fact, they had weighted more on the after picture? It happens all the time. It’s because they gained muscles and lost the fat.

Numbers can be valuable, but only if you look at them without judgment (which can be almost impossible if you’re eating emotionally).

You are most likely looking at that number on the scale as something that defines your self-worth, your level of happiness, that determines how you are going that day.

So do yourself a favor and throw away that darn scale!

I did a while ago – to heal my relationship with my body and stop comparing myself and my self-worth to a number.

Forget about the numbers.

It’s time to let go of alllll of that.

You are not a number.
You are so much more than that.

Tiasha xx


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