Want to make exercise a habit that you absolutely love? Here is the secret.

You probably heard it a bazillion times already. “You need to exercise daily!”

Sure, exercise really is important, but people usually don’t stick with it.

Yes, they do it for a couple of days or even weeks but eventually, there comes a time when they stop it all together.

Why does this happen?

Well, when you hear the word ‘exercise’, what is your first association with it?

Is it running, cycling, hiking, weight training … ?

These don’t sound very appealing to me if I’m honest. And every time I wanted to force myself into doing any of these things, I failed. Each and every time.
Does this happen to you as well?

I have a VERY simple solution for that. It’s really simple but so amazingly effective.

Want to make exercise a habit that you absolutely LOVE? Here is the secret.Here it is:

Try seeing the exercise as a play instead.

Do you remember how it was like when you were a kid and you were playing outside all the time?

You ran around, chasing each other, you rode your bike, you built castles, you were playing ball.
You actually didn’t care about exercise! But you sure did move your body. And you wanted to do it! You craved it.

Think about it.

In what way do YOU like to move your body today?

Exercise is just a bodily activity that improves or maintains overall health, fitness, and vitality. It’s all about moving your body.

But the problem is…

If you don’t love it you will eventually leave it.

So, why not find something that actually sounds like fun?!

In what way do you like to move your body?
What sounds fun to you?

Do that! Do what sounds fun.

If you want to build an exercise habit that sticks, don’t call it exercise but instead call it play.

Doesn’t that sound more appealing?
“Every day I take the time for myself to play and have fun.”

Choose something that you enjoy and that doesn’t feel like exercise at all.

I love yoga. And walking. Those early morning walks when the birds are singing so beautifully and everything is slowly waking up. Aah. And when I’ll live a little bit closer to the sea, I’ll probably swim all the time. 🌊
Plus, I also LOVE dancing!

In the past, I tried forcing myself with all sorts of stuff but guess what? Nothing stuck!

So now I go with the flow. On some days I walk, on some days I do yoga, sometimes I dance, and from time to time I even sprint if I feel like it. Occasionally  I also lift weights because I love how strong it makes me (while listening to some great music).
Plus someday I would live to try climbing.

Just find what feels good for you.

Because at the end of the day, it’s important that you move your body on a regular basis.

If you’ll do something enjoyable, you will actually want to do it.

Just play! Don’t try to hit a certain number of minutes, don’t try to hit a certain goal. Do it because you enjoy it. Because you love it. Make it fun and exciting!

You deserve it.

Go wild! Let yourself free.

And make it the most fun you had all day.

With love,



P.S. Let’s connect in the comments below! Tell me, what is your favorite activity? The one that is truly fun and enjoying for you?

I would LOVE to get to know you a little bit more and I’m super excited to hear your answer. 😊

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  • Jack

    I started playing pickle all about a month ago and now 3 times a week for two hours each session. Great cardio.

    • Tiasha

      Jack, hi! This looks like a really fun activity. It’s good that you found something that you love.

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