5 reasons to Love a Mono Meal

You are probably wondering what exactly is a mono meal. This is a meal which is composed of only one type of fruit or vegetable. This means that you eat only watermelon for a meal and nothing else. Or just cherries and nothing else. Or bananas and nothing else.

The most wonderful thing about eating fruit is the simplicity of it. Imagine a beautiful, juicy nectarine or sweet strawberry, juicy mango … Just take it, wash it and bite it and you will taste the explosion of flavors, which is located in a mature, high-quality fruit.

The most wonderful thing about eating fruit is the simplicity of it. Imagine a beautiful, juicy nectarine or sweet strawberry, juicy mango … Just take it, wash it and bite it and you will taste the explosion of flavors, which is located in a mature, high-quality fruit.

If we get down to the basics, we find that none of the animals in the wild cook food and no animal prepares their meals with several ingredients, such as we do. Nowadays, even raw foods can be over processed, sometimes composed out of fifteen ingredients and more. But is this really necessary?

A really good fruit really cannot be improved, because it is already perfect. Mother Nature has done that.

Maybe you find it boring, so I’d like to present 5 reasons that might change your mind.

1. Easy digestion

We often use unusual combinations in food preparation, which most of the time do not comply with the rules of good combination. This can cause indigestion. If you combine foods that need different times for digestion, fermentation can occur.

Things are greatly simplified if you consume only one type of food at a time, because it needs to create digestive juices for only this type of food and can fully concentrate on it.

2. Easy preparation (wash, peel and eat)

We usually only need to wash and sometimes peel our fruits and vegetables and it’s ready to be eaten.
Simple, isn’t it? A lot of time remains that would have otherwise be used for food preparation.

3. We choose quality

When poor quality fruit and vegetables are mixed together, their real taste is masked. But with mono meals, the taste is very distinctive and we have no choice but to choose the highest quality fruits and vegetables. Nobody would want to eat a meal of unripe bananas or tasteless tomatoes.

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4. It is easier to recognize satiety

When you eat only one type of food at a time, you give special emphasis to chewing, taste and texture, that is why your body will clearly let you know when it is no longer hungry and when it is time to stop eating. Delicious food that you were eating a moment ago will suddenly be tasteless and unappealing, making it almost impossible to overeat.

5. We have more appreciation for the food we eat.

There is a saying: “If you’re not hungry enough to eat a fruit, then you are not really hungry.” Therefore, the next time you’ll be hungry eat a piece of fruit that you like. Or more, so that you will be satiated. For example, a pear. Bite into it, sip its luscious juice and chew soft flesh. Notice how different the texture of the peel is from the inner part. Taste the sweet juice. No water is purer than those in fruits and vegetables.

Take another pear. Enjoy in every bite, pay attention to the taste, texture, and temperature … You might get the feeling that it is the most perfect pear in the world.

Now imagine that this perfect pear is sprinkle with sugar and baked. Do you feel sad? The perfect pear will become something completely different and the taste will not be like before.

When your taste buds will become accustomed to simple mono meals, you will no longer need various toppings, spices or heat treatment in order to enjoy it. You will learn to appreciate food in its most natural state.

When I eat a really good mono-meal, such as sweet black cherries or delicious papaya, I feel incredibly lucky and I thank nature because it created such a perfect fruit: “thank you, thank you, thank you.”

In the comments below, I’d love to hear from you. Tell me, have you ever tried eating mono meals? How was it? Leave as much detail as you can about your experience.

With love,


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  • Lynn

    Strange…when I saw “Mono Meals” I thought what in the world could that be? After further reading, I see the way I have been eating for the last 20+ years, is called “Mono Meals”! I love eating this way! and don’t talk about it much because people think I’m crazy for eating this way. Thank you for your blog!! It’s so good to know that I’m not alone in eating this way! :))

    • josh's

      very cool :). I was doing this some time ago, because I was eliminating and trying to figure out where my food intolerances were coming from and recently found out what mono meals are and I have done them in the past without even knowing it. But my body does digest food better (which has been my biggest problem, overall) and yes, the food does taste better eating alone in my opinion and the satiety is easier to recognize. This is a good article.

      • Tiasha

        Josh, yes, digestion is so perfect when eating this way. The body knows best, right? :)
        Thank you for your lovely comment.

    • Tiasha

      Lynn, I’m sorry for my super late reply. And so wonderful to hear that you are eating this way for 20+ years. Kudos to you, you must feel amazing!

  • Lisa

    I am just learning about mono meals but I love them so far!! I tend to eat a mono meal of half a medium cantelope for breakfast but now I’m definitely going to try other fruits! Maybe I’ll try papaya, oranges or apples this time! :D

    • Tiasha

      Lisa, that’s really wonderful. Mono meals are so amazing. ♥ Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. :)

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