No more starting over on Monday!

My dear, tell me: how many times have you given in to temptations, and said you’ll start again tomorrow, or on Monday, or on 1st of the month…?

Just think about it.

If you are like most beauties out there, then the answer is MANY, MANY times.

No more starting over on Monday! It's time to stop with this loophole and going in circles all the time. Learn how to stop dieting and enjoy food. Stop restricting, start living.There was a day where you really, really, really didn’t want to eat something but you had an unusually strong craving for it. You tried very hard to resist it, but you couldn’t.

“Only one bite. I will only try it,” you said to yourself.

But then you couldn’t stop! The moment you put that first bite into your month, you already knew what will happen.

Not only that you’re were going to finish that meal, you’d already decided what will happen with your next meal. More “bad” foods.

You’ve “fallen off the wagon”, so who cares about today!? You’ve already failed today, so you decide that you’re going to start again tomorrow.

Then what happens is that today turns into “let’s-eat-everything-that-we-won’t-be-able-to-eat-tomorrow” kind of day.

Tomorrow you won’t be able to eat all those foods, so you grab the opportunity today.

Or, even worse, if you’re aiming to start again on Monday, and this happens on a Friday, you take the whole weekend off your healthy diet.

But when tomorrow comes (or Monday, or the 1st of the month), the same thing happens again.

This is an ultimate loophole because you’re going in circles over and over again.

You are basically starting over and over again and in the meantime, you’re stuffing yourself with all kinds of foods that don’t make you feel good.

I have an easy solution for that:


I’ve told you already, and I’m going to be telling you again and again, you need to let go of that 100% diet perfection mentality, darling.

That’s one of the biggest reasons why you’re having this craving in the first place.

When you think in terms of all or nothing, of course, you’ll go from all to nothing with just one bite of the wrong foods. This is not going to do any good!

So, you gave in to the temptation. You decided to have one bite but then you realized that you want more.

Before you continue, ask yourself if what you’re feeling is a real hunger or just an emotional one (read 7 differences between the two here).

If it is emotional, then ask yourself why do you really want to eat that food? Is there maybe something else that you need? A rest, more fun, less stress… There could be anything.

Make a pact with yourself – try to give yourself more of that (whatever it is) and then if you’ll still want to eat that food, do it.

But under one condition: only when you’ll be genuinely hungry.

Then when you will feel true hunger, eat it if you still feel like eating it.
But eat it mindfully.

Close your eyes and eat reaaaaly slowly. Enjoy the food. Be in the moment.

Remember that food is just food – you are not a “bad” or a “good” girl for eating certain foods.

Even that right there is starting over again. To listen to your body and give her what she needs. Without ever depriving yourself.

There’s no need to start over tomorrow because you already have.

After you’ve eaten that food, observe your body. How do you feel? Remember that feeling. If you don’t feel as great as usual, the body will quickly make new associations with that food.

(Which is exactly what we want!)

So don’t feel sorry for eating something non-optimal.

Trust me, when you do this in such a loving and non-judgemental way, the craving for that food will slowly disappear.

And what’s even more important? With your next meal, you won’t feel the need to binge on anything because you haven’t really fallen off the wagon, you stayed on the wagon.

You are actually always on it because this is a journey, not a destination.

You must realize that there will always be ups and downs. But this is part of the journey.

There will be more cravings, there will always be temptations. But fully allowing them to come and sometimes even give in to them and live a little, can be the most liberating step that you can do.

Just think about it – would you rather eat one healthy meal per day, give in to a craving with the second meal, and then binge on unhealthy meals for the rest of the day(s), or would you rather eat healthy most of the time and give in to a craving from time to time (and with time, the need to do that will drop considerably)?

I’m pretty sure the second option sounds more appealing.

I’ve also made a cute graphics for you with all the steps needed for the next time you’ll be craving something.

Click here to download it (or on the picture below). ;)


Are you guilty of starting over tomorrow, or on Mondays, or on 1st day of the month? I would LOVE to hear from you and learn a little bit more about you. Let me know in the comments, ok?

Virtual hugs!



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  • Natalie

    YES, YES, YES! I’m definitely super guilty of that. I’m doing it all the time – just like you said, I’m going in circles all the time. :(
    This makes a lot of sense, though. I’m going to try it. Thank you, Tiasha!

  • Sarah

    It’s like you’re reading my mind… :) But you gave me something to think about. I’ll try it.

    • Tiasha

      Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. :)

  • Amber Harrop

    I am so guilty of starting over on Mondays – great post

    • Tiasha

      Thanks for reading, Amber. I’m glad it was helpful.

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