How Loving Yourself Can Help You Get a Perfect Body

Do you want to lose weight, but you just can’t eat healthy no matter how hard you try? Or you want to look better and you force yourself with exercises that you don’t really like? Then you feel bad and you are disappointed with yourself?

Then your biggest problem is the lack of self-love. I’m talking about the true, deep love. The kind of love when you look yourself in the mirror and you can honestly say to yourself: “I love myself.” And you feel the love running through your whole body and you just feel wonderful. You can say with enthusiasm: “I’m happy to be alive.”

How loving yourself can help you get a perfect body... In the beginning, it will be hard and you may not believe your own words, but eventually you will notice that something is different. You will start to look at yourself more positively and with greater love. Because of that, your decisions will be different. And consequently, you will effortlessly achieve all your goals.


We all want to be happy. And virtually everything we do, we do in order to achieve this happiness. We believe that life will be better when we reach a certain goal, or when something will happen in our lives that we long for.

The mind tells us that we cannot experience happiness at this moment, but it is located in the future: “When I lost 10 kg, I will be really happy,” or “Travelling around the world will make me happy,” or “When I’ll meet my dream partner, I’ll finally be happy.”

Unfortunately, your mind will always find a new goal. And because of that, your happiness is always moved forward into the future. Every time your mind will find something new. But this is not true happiness.

True happiness comes from the heart, not the head. That’s what counts. Believe me, your heart couldn’t care less how you look. In fact, at this very moment, you’ve got everything you need for happiness. You can be happy right here and now. You only have to realize that.

In the past, I was extremely dissatisfied with myself, with my appearance and weight, and generally with my life. I was full of negative thoughts and I was far from really loving myself. This has caused me even more problems, frustration, and despair. I always thought that I will finally become happy when the scale will show the desired number, or when I’ll achieve this or that thing. But that never happened. At least not until I truly started to love myself, only then the magic started to happen. Things rapidly started changing for the better without even trying.

Ask yourself what if every thought that you had would have come true? Well, let me tell you something. Every thought that you have has the power to come true. Therefore, it is extremely important how you shape your thoughts about yourself and about the world around you.

Why is self-love so important?

Self-love is EVERYTHING. It is the foundation of immense happiness. Try doing the exercises below every day for the next 30 days and see it for yourself.

In the beginning, it will be hard and you may not believe your own words, but eventually you will notice that something is different. You will start to look at yourself more positively and with greater love. Because of that, your decisions will be different. And consequently, you will effortlessly achieve all your goals.

When we truly love ourselves, we begin to eat healthier just because we know that we will feel good after eating a healthy meal.

And when we truly love ourselves, we exercise because certain activities make us feel good and we want to feel good.

And when we truly love ourselves we want to do what we love. We follow our passions. And we surround ourselves with people that make us feel good.

We do all of these things because we love ourselves and not because we want to improve our appearance or something. That will come with time. You just have to learn to love yourself first.

Kamal Ravikant described quite a few exercises that will help you in his book Love yourself like your life depends on it (I really recommend it). I will describe a few of my favorite ones below. In the beginning, you may not believe yourself, but continue doing the exercises. It’s so worth it.

Three exercises that will help you

The mirror technique:

Set the timer on your phone for 5 minutes. Stand in front of a mirror, a decimeter (a few inches) away. Look into your eyes. It’s best to focus on one eye. Relax, breathe slowly.

Looking into your eye, say, “I love myself.” Try to really feel the love when you say these three words. Wait a few moments and then again say: “I love myself … I love myself … I love myself.” Repeat for 5 minutes, pausing occasionally to watch your eyes.

It does not really matter whether you actually believe what you’re saying. What is important is you saying it to yourself while looking directly into your eyes, where there is no escape the truth.

When the 5 minutes ends, smile. You just expressed love for yourself in the deepest way possible. If anyone ever looked into the eyes when you expressed your love for them, this is what they saw. Give yourself the same gift.

A Question:

If I loved myself truly and deeply, would I let myself experience this?

If I loved myself truly and deeply, what would I do?

These two questions are really simple but very powerful. They always give you a clear answer. Whenever you are in a negative situation, just ask yourself one of these questions. They will gently shift your focus from where you are to where you want to be. And that is love.

The Loop:

I love myself. I love myself. I love myself.

Simply repeat these words throughout the day. Whenever you remember – while brushing your teeth, while taking a shower, while cooking. … All the time! Add emotional intensity if you can – this will make it even more powerful.

Repeating the thought all the time gives it an enormous power.

It is especially important to remember the loop if you get caught up in some kind of negative situation. Relax yourself with the words: “I love myself.” It is completely normal to have negative thoughts from time to time, but it is much better to have positive ones and these can easily be achieved by repeating the words “I love myself.”.

“If you had a thought once, it has no power over you.  Repeat it again and again, especially with emotional intensity, feeling it, and over time, you’re creating the grooves, the mental river.  Then it controls you.”- Kamal Ravikant

Remember that your thoughts have an extraordinary power

Thoughts that we have at the moment, always reflect on our future. By repeating the over and over again, you give them tremendous power. So be careful what you think about.

With love,

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  • Heather

    Hi Tiasha,

    Thank you for this.:) It’s wonderful when these beautiful truths express themselves with new words as each of us wake up to them and try to spread the message. You have a positive effect of people’s lives :)

    • Tiasha

      Heather, thank you for stopping by. You said it perfectly – it really is a wonderful thing. ♥ Thank you for your sweet comment.

  • Kristen Elyse

    This is so beautiful! Thanks for spreading the self-love message!

    • Tiasha

      Kristen, thank you for taking the time to read and encourage me. I’m happy that you liked it.

  • TJ

    Self- love we hear it all the time, but most people tend to change due to pain. Pain of staying the same. I tried this self-love meditation thing, doesn’t help me one bit with changing my diet

    • Tiasha

      How long have you been doing the exercises, TJ?
      Keep doing them for a while. I would recommend at least a few weeks of everyday practice.
      What do you have to lose? :)

      Trust me, if you put in the work, it works wonderfully.

      • TJ


        About 2 weeks now, but still consuming junk foods and fizzy drinks. I will keep going like you said.

        • Tiasha

          I would also recommend reading the book that I talk about in the article. It’s a really short read but so eye-opening.

          Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It by Kamal Ravikant.

          Btw, TJ. You really have to feel it when you say it.
          “I love myself.” Feel it! Find the things that you love about yourself. You can take a step further and say: “I love my hair. They are so shiny. I love my feet. They carry me around all day. I love my hands. They help me do stuff.”

          Write a love letter to yourself. Be kind to your body. Be grateful for it.
          And feel the love.

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