I ordered (non-raw) crepes for the first time in 5 years and this is what happened

A while ago, when Matic and I were driving home from our weekend trip to the beach, we stopped at a restaurant along the way.

We’ve never stopped here before (and we rarely go to restaurants), but they recently started making gluten-free and vegan pizzas. That’s something big here where we live!

Matic loves pizza but he rarely has it with vegan cheese, so we decided to stop and take a look.

I usually order a salad or nothing at all, but this time was different. I saw that they had gluten-free vegan crepes as well!

Suddenly, I remembered all the times that I ordered crepes before I went raw.

Eating (non-raw) crepes for the first time in 5 years of eating a raw food diet was quite an interesting experience. And super important, if I may say. Read how it helped me make my raw food journey even easier and more pleasureable. Stop dieting, stop overeating, stop binge eating... And just allow and enjoy while staying mindful.The inviting smell of freshly made crepes, that are filled with sweet, heavenly chocolate spread, lightly dusted with powdered sugar and topped with whipped cream.

They just melt in your mouth.

There were so many times that I wanted to eat them after going raw but didn’t want to because I was really strict.

But then I remembered something my wise older sister said to me a few years ago. It has nothing to do with food but bear with me.

We were shopping for clothes together and there was a dress that I truly adored. It was way out of my budget at the time so I quickly dismissed the idea of even trying it on. Why try it if I can’t have it?

Then my sister said: “If you’ll never try it, you’ll never know if it even fits you!” She urged me to go and try it on.

She said I have nothing to lose and if it won’t look good on me, at least I’ll stop dreaming about it. So I took her advice and went to the dressing rooms.

I was soo excited!

But when I put it on, I looked myself in the mirror, and all the excitement was gone. I looked horrible! The dress was so strange on me!

If I wouldn’t have tried it, I’d dream about that dress for days! So, I thanked her and decided to put this into practice every time I went shopping.

But it never occurred to me that I could use her advice in every situation in life.

Well, you can probably imagine what I did then, right?

I ordered those gluten-free vegan crepes.

“If I won’t try it, how will I know if I even like them?” So, I decided to try them.
Not only because of their taste but also because I wanted to see how I’ll feel after eating them (which is super important).

So imagine my excited face when I was waiting for my delicious healthy treat to arrive.

First (non-raw) crepes in over 5 years!

Finally, they served my crepes. And they looked… hmm… well, not exactly how I imagined they would.

There was no whipped cream (of course).

No chocolate, only strawberry jam.

At least, there was powdered sugar sprinkled on top…

But they were soo oily!!
And they didn’t look appetizing at all.

Clearly, I was very disappointed.

But I had to give them an opportunity so I took a bite or two.

And that was all.

Matic ate his pizza and we went home, where I ate delicious, sugar packed figs that we brought back from the seaside. I truly enjoyed. And what’s even more important, I felt fantastic afterward!

If I wouldn’t have tried those crepes, I would always dream about them every time we’d pass that restaurant. Now that I know that they just suck, I’ll never even think about them anymore.

Even if I’d love them, I’d pay close attention to how they’d make me feel. Would I feel good or would my energy just disappear? Probably the latter, but how could I possibly know without trying it out?

Instead of blindly listening to every piece of nutritional advice on the web, rather learn how to connect with yourself and how to listen to your body.

You see, in the past, this would have never happened. I was really strict. I was restricting almost everything. I never fully allowed myself to experience all the different foods, to see if I even liked them and even more importantly – to see how they make me feel, and THEN decide if it’s good for me or not.

I know that allowing yourself to eat something non-optimal may sound crazy to you (I’ve been there) but it’s truly important if you wish to only crave healthy foods that make you feel amazing.

But when you’re doing this, it’s important that you have the right mindset.

You have to give yourself permission to eat whatever you want. But with one condition.

Stay mindful throughout the whole experience.

This means:

  • not eating when stressed, but only when you feel that true, physical hunger,
  • eating mindfully,
  • respecting your hunger levels (which means that you stop eating when you’re full),
  • and observing your body afterward.

Wanting to be perfect or 100% and then binging on all the “bad” foods is not going to help you.

This will.

Soon you’ll notice that you can eat everything, but without the need to binge on something.

And because you naturally WANT to feel good, you’ll effortlessly eliminate from your diet all the food that makes you feel bad.



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  • Marina

    Thank you dear Tiasha for sharing this sweet story. HUGS

    • Tiasha

      You’re welcome! Thank you for reading it. :) Hugs!

  • Taffi

    Nice, honest story. You’re so right, the expectation can be more grand than the reality. A good reminder of how we may trip up, but can always return home to the bosom, if I can put it that way:), of an oh so satisfying raw meal!

    • Tiasha

      Taffi, thank you. I appreciate that you took the time to read. This journey is way more enjoyable if we actually trust our bodies instead of forcing ourselves with something. And yes, the figs are ahh-mazing!!

  • Folake

    Wonderful article and thanks for sharing this. I find myself in this situation many a time and once I have an urge to it something, I just go ahead and eat it. Sometimes when what I’ve eaten has been good, I’ll enjoy it (guilt free) from time to time, and if I haven’t enjoyed it, I’ll just let it go.

    • Tiasha

      Folake, yes! That’s exactly what you should be doing. Test and observe. Test and observe. If it makes you feel good, keep it. If not, let it go. Enjoy. ;)

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