The magic trick to stop junk food cravings forever

I have found the perfect solution to help you get those junk food cravings under control forever. You will never have to go on a diet again. You will intuitively reach for the most nutritious foods for you.

If you have ever followed any diet then you are probably looking at the food as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. This is the problem many of us have. We also put certain food on the forbidden list. But what happens when you do that? Well, you crave it. And you crave it badly. All the time. (Maybe not all the time (whew!), but definitely a lot.)

I will even share my own story with you and the exact same steps that I used which helped me tremendously. Plus I also have a gift for you. A little tool that I used in my journey.

If you have ever followed any diet then you are probably looking at the food as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. This is the problem many of us have. We also put certain food on the forbidden list.

But what happens when you do that? Well, you crave it. And you crave it badly. All the time.
(Maybe not all the time (whew!), but definitely a lot.)

Sure, cravings can also come out of certain deficiencies, but most of the time they are only in our heads.



So the first thing to do would be to ditch the diet mentality for good.
Allow yourself to eat all the foods. Nothing is bad or good anymore.

It’s not about all or nothing and being perfect all the time, it’s about so much more than that.
Click here to see why 100% approach to diet is not a good way.


Don’t look at the food as good or bad, especially not because someone told you so.
Instead, choose to look at all the food as just neutral. As just food.

There is so many information about healthy eating everywhere: don’t eat this, it’s bad for you. Don’t eat that, it will do you this and that…
So this can be a hard step to take – to suddenly look at the food as neutral.

But it’s worth a try.


When we classify food as good or bad we are actually classifying ourselves as good or bad.

Just imagine a day when you ate only the “good” food. At the end of the day, you felt good, because you’ve been good aaaaall day long.

But on a day that you slipped and ate “bad” food, you felt really lousy at the end of the day. You promised yourself that you will never eat THAT again and you’ll be good from then on.

So now you see why it’s really not a good thing to look at the food as good or bad.
Because food does not define us.


Does allowing yourself to eat everything means that you suddenly really have to eat everything? Not at all.

It’s important to really be in tune with your body. How do you feel when you eat certain foods? Sure, something can taste absolutely fantastic, but how you feel after eating is what really counts.

I recommend having a little notebook, a food journal, where you write down everything. Especially how certain foods make you feel. You don’t need much time, a few moments will do.

This step is crucial, it will help you SO MUCH.


When you will allow yourself to eat all the foods from all the lists, something amazing will happen. You will slowly stop craving them. Why? I will explain.

When we are putting ourselves in a box and restricting ourselves, we are craving that exact thing because this is our human nature.

We want what we can’t have. It is always more tempting.

And when we are restricting ourselves to foods that are “bad” but that we really enjoy eating, of course, we crave them even more.

This practice will help trick your brain.

When you will allow yourself to eat everything and you won’t look at the food as good or bad, everything will be just neutral. Just food. And suddenly the food will lose the power it has over you.



Usually, we have lots of good memories connected with comfort foods. Because well, they are comforting.

In the past, we ate this kind of food when something bad happened, and by eating this kind of food, we numbed ourselves, so we didn’t have to feel the pain.
(Heavy foods need lots of energy for digestion, so there isn’t much energy left for dealing with negative emotions).

Now new memories will be formed because you will observe yourself really closely and you will see for yourself after which food you feel good and after which you feel bad.

And slowly you won’t feel the need to eat the foods that you feel bad after anymore because naturally you want to feel good and full of energy ALL THE TIME, am I right? :)


First, look at the food as just neutral and give yourself the permission to enjoy in all the foods, BUT with two conditions.

  1. Observe yourself really closely afterward.
  2. Stop eating when you are full.
    (No binging necessary, because you will be able to eat that same thing for the next meal if you’ll wish. No restriction here.)

Do you want to eat that ice cream? Sure. Do it.

Eat it as much as your body needs it. Then STOP.

Then tune into your body. How do you feel? Check in right after eating it. Then after 30 minutes, then 2 hours.

How do you feel? Write it down.

Really write it down, don’t just say it in your head.
Do you have lots of energy? A clear mind? Or do you feel the need to lie down a little bit? To just get a little bit of rest. Or do you suddenly feel unproductive and lazy?

Get a cute little notebook and write it all down.

And don’t feel bad about eating this stuff, gorgeous. It will help you in the long run.

Soon you will not wish to eat it anymore.


Not a problem, do it!

I know you might think I’m crazy, but this really helps. It can happen that you will want to eat ice cream for every meal three times a day for the next two weeks. Do it! This is really extreme and most of the time it doesn’t happen, though.

If you will follow those two conditions that I mentioned above, you will not gain weight from it. The only thing that might happen is that you will not feel good. But you have to go through this so you will see it for yourself. You gotta feel it.

Don’t worry about not being healthy for the next few weeks.

It’s important to really let go and just enjoy and observe yourself without any judging.


Here is my own story. When I finally ditched the all or nothing mentality with my raw food diet and I allowed myself to eat the foods I craved, something interesting happened. 

By the time I started this, I was eating only raw foods for three years. And at the beginning, I didn’t crave anything else, but then it slowly started.

At first, it started with small things, like eating a gourmet raw cacao truffle for breakfast. Back then, I would NEVER eat fats for breakfast and even a combination of fats and sweet fruits was way off limits. I also NEVER ate cacao. I was very, very strict.

But I really, really wanted to eat those truffles for breakfast. They had nuts, they had cacao. But I decided to just dive in.

I ate a few truffles and really enjoyed. But I didn’t feel as good after eating them as I do when I eat simple fruit mono meals!

So, I never craved them for breakfast again. Surprisingly (ha!).

When I saw how good that worked, I then decided that I want to let go all of the labels and being perfect (eating 100%) all the time. I wanted to create a healthier relationship with my food.

I wanted to choose healthy foods because I wanted to, not because I felt I need to.

You gotta realize, that at the time I have been a raw vegan for more than three years and I cooked for Matic (my boyfriend) almost every day. And I created such beautiful, healthy, low fat and vegan dishes for him. But I never tried anything, because well, I was 100% raw, right. (Read here why I think this is not the best approach.)

At the beginning of my journey I never really craved those foods that I cooked for him, but later on, there were times that I really, really wanted to try it. Just a little bit. But because I had that 100% mentality, I never tried anything.

So over the years, I’ve created LOTS and lots of restrictions, which didn’t really serve me.

There is a huge difference between not eating something because you don’t feel good after eating it and not eating something because you read somewhere that it’s not good for you.


I finally allowed myself to eat anything as long as it’s vegan. I tried different things, like 100% corn pasta, rice, potatoes and other things. I wanted to experience everything and then decide what I want to eat and what I don’t want to eat.

What happened next is that I ate organic 100% corn pasta for almost every meal for quite a while. And every time I ate it I felt horrible. But that didn’t stop me from eating it the next meal. Those were the worst days. I was bloated, my face was puffy, and I was completely unproductive.

My energy was suddenly GONE and after I ate I felt the need to lie down. Always. But I still ate it every time. Until my mind finally realized that corn pasta is available all the time and that I feel really shitty after eating it. 

I know what you might think: “But corn pasta is healthy!”. Yeah, sure, it’s much healthier than regular pasta, but it’s still not THAT healthy.

You have to understand that I only ate fruits and veggies in their raw form for a long time by then. And by eating something as complex and starchy as corn I really gave my body a lot of work.

It needed much more energy for digestion than it needed to digest simple non-starchy carbs I was eating for so long, like fruit. And I just wasn’t used to my energy getting drained that fast after eating.

I craved these foods for such a long time, that it really took awhile before my mind realized I can eat them anytime I want.

Suddenly my craving stopped. I haven’t had corn pasta since then. I might eat it some day if the craving comes back, but for now, it didn’t.  My addiction stopped completely. 

Now it is not on my forbidden list anymore (none of the food is). This is what really set me free, I really feel free around food now. I can eat whatever I want and then decide for myself, whether I want to eat something or not. Do I feel good after eating it, does it love me back?

This made such a difference.


When you will ALLOW yourself to eat the foods you really want to eat, they will release you out of their clutches. They will no longer have power over you, they will no longer control you. You will be the one having full control. I promise.

It’s a scary step, but it’s worth it.


First, you will no longer crave the bad foods so much, because now you’ll have different memories and experiences around them. When you love yourself, you don’t want to feel bad all the time.

Of course from time to time you will still have those cravings, but still I encourage you every time to do it. Eat those foods until you’re satiated, then stop. See how you feel. Forgive yourself for eating the things that don’t love you back. And naturally you will make a better choice next time.

Don’t ever beat yourself up for eating something. This is the worse thing to do. We might even eat too much of something if we fall into this “being perfect all the time” trap (BINGE!).

Secondly, you will reach for foods that are the most nutritious foods for your body and make you will the best. You will naturally eat only the foods that make you feel good, that gives you the most energy. Now, how great is that?!

You won’t need diets anymore. You won’t need to measure your food.

You will start to eat intuitively. And this is where the magic happens.


As a special gift, I have created a super cool sample food journal entry, that includes all the questions you need to ask yourself. If you are ready to start creating a healthier relationship with food, you seriously need this in your life. You can just print it out and start right away.

Just click below download it.

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Tell me in the comments below, how do YOU deal with junk food cravings.
Have you ever allowed yourself and really experience everything and then decide for yourself what is good and what isn’t?

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this.

With love,

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