How To Stop Overeating With These 2 Simple Mindful Eating Tips

Do you often sit down to a meal stressed? Or even worse – you don’t sit down at all but you just shovel the food into your mouth as you sprint out the door? This causes overeating which leads to [...]


The magic trick to stop junk food cravings forever

I have found the perfect solution to help you get those junk food cravings under control forever. You will never have to go on a diet again. You will intuitively reach for the most nutritious [...]


Why you should ditch that diet perfection mentality

I don’t think it’s ok that so many of the health gurus paint such a perfect picture to their clients. In reality, it can be far from that. It is definitely good to educate people on [...]


Why you should stop eating unripe fruit

Have you ever had a stomach pain after eating fruit? Let me reveal a secret. I am almost certain that the fruit was not ripe (or you combined it with wrong foods). Unfortunately, they don’t teach [...]


Why you should stop eating in front of the computer

Mindful eating is something that most of us rarely do. Typically we are multitasking all the time, even when eating. This deprives us both of the physical as well as psychological satisfaction.


The Art of Food Combining: Improve Your Digestion

Digestive disorders are very common nowadays, but they would not occur if you applied at least some basic rules of proper food combining.