Stop trying to “gain control” over food!

People are always in pursuit of “control” over food, thinking that if only they will try hard enough, they’ll be able to control it. But this kind of thinking is totally [...]


The ‘Vitamin P’ Deficiency Is Keeping You Overweight

There are so many different deficiencies nowadays. Everybody are talking about Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, and other *essential* Vitamins, but nobody is talking about Vitamin P. I think the [...]


No more starting over on Monday!

My dear, tell me: how many times have you given in to temptations, and said you’ll start again tomorrow, or on Monday, or on 1st of the month…? Just think about it. If you are like [...]


How To Stop Overeating With These 2 Simple Mindful Eating Tips

Do you often sit down to a meal stressed? Or even worse – you don’t sit down at all but you just shovel the food into your mouth as you sprint out the door? This causes overeating which leads to [...]


How to Pick Yourself Back Up After a Food Binge?

Hey, gorgeous. If you don’t know what a food binge is, just imagine this scenario. So… You decided to follow your diet perfectly and you really tried hard. But you failed … AGAIN. [...]


How Can I Influence My Family And Friends To Live Healthier?

When you make any kind of lifestyle change you are eager to convince all your family members to do the same, right? Because you feel so much better you just want to help everybody. I am most [...]


The magic trick to stop junk food cravings forever

I have found the perfect solution to help you get those junk food cravings under control forever. You will never have to go on a diet again. You will intuitively reach for the most nutritious [...]


Why you should ditch that diet perfection mentality

I don’t think it’s ok that so many of the health gurus paint such a perfect picture to their clients. In reality, it can be far from that. It is definitely good to educate people on [...]


Emotional or true hunger? 7 differences between one and the other

You come home after a busy day. You relax … and suddenly become extremely hungry. Before you even realize, you are already in the kitchen, looking for something good to eat. Nothing is [...]


How to Quickly Fall Asleep

Is your mind whirling with thoughts when it’s time for sleeping and it’s keeping you from falling asleep? Today, I will share with you the method that will help you calm your mind so [...]

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