How to Pick Yourself Back Up After a Food Binge?

Hey, gorgeous.

If you don’t know what a food binge is, just imagine this scenario.

So… You decided to follow your diet perfectly and you really tried hard.

But you failed … AGAIN.

Like so many times before.

You binged on junk food. And not the healthy kind. You ate waaaay too much of it.

You are SO ashamed. You are disgusted with yourself.
And you feel absolutely horrible.

I know how you feel, I really do. I’ve been there and I’ve done that. Many times.

But today I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be like that.

It’s time to stop being so strict with yourself!

How to pick yourself back up after a food binge? Here are 2 insanely helpful exercises.

Healthy living is a journey, it is not a destination.

It took me a long time to realize that, but it’s true. There is always something more that we can do.

But we certainly don’t have to do it all at once, that’s why I’m saying that it’s a journey. A lifelong journey. And a beautiful one. With ups and downs.

I see so many people failing at their diets all the freakin’ time. And I think the number one reason is because they are trying to be perfect all the time.
(Read why I think this is NOT the best approach.)

So in this quest for perfection, a moment comes when they slip and eat something that they shouldn’t suppose to eat in their opinion … and then a disaster happens.

They just splurge on everything around them. Binging on all sorts of food.

Completely out of control.

They say to themselves: “I’ll start again tomorrow.”

Yeah, sure. When did that work, again?

The worst thing with all of this are the feelings that accompany these binge episodes.
Guilt. Shame. Disgust. Feeling worthless. Hopeless.

These are not good feelings to feel, my friend. They don’t do anything good to your body and mind.

So, it is time to do something about this, OK?

What we focus on, we attract!

If you are constantly feeling shame, guilt and disgust, what do you think you will attract? More situations that will bring you these feelings.

The Universe always gives you what you ask for, so be careful what you ask for!

It’s important to focus on the positive. What can you do today to feel the way you want to feel? If you want to be happier, you can do something that makes you happy. You don’t have to wait to lose weight or to be this or that. Just do it!

I know it’s super hard to feel the good feelings when you are completely down in the dumps.

(Especially after a binge.)

So I have two easy exercises for you that will help you cope with all of those negative emotions after a binge.


First, we have to get rid of all those yucky feelings that we are feeling after a binge.
The following exercise will help you do that. It is a visualization and it will work best if you will take a few minutes of uninterrupted time for it. Go somewhere quiet, sit comfortably and close your eyes.

In your head, I want you to imagine standing under the shower with a big golden shower head above you.

As you turn it on, you feel it’s water streaming as gold, liquid light. It’s flowing over your body, washing away all those negative emotions.

This sacred golden liquid light is cleansing you of all the bad stuff. It’s clearing the bad emotions, the drama, and all those negative experiences.

Allow it to wash over you and clear everything. Feel how good it feels to be bathed in this healing golden liquid light.

And the ground just sucks all those negative emotions. It loves those yucky feelings. Imagine how it’s just slurping it all up and transforms them into something beautiful later on, like flowers and trees.

Just allow the golden liquid light to wash all the negativity off you.


Now that we cleared all those negative feelings, it’s time to bring on the good feelings. The ball of bright light is the perfect exercise for that.

Imagine a person that you really love and feel all the love that you have for her/him. Really feel it and notice where in your body you are feeling it.

Then imagine gathering all this love into a big ball of bright white light and send this ball to that person.

Imagine this person receiving this ball of light with all your love and good feelings in it and see how happy and loved it makes her/him feel. It brightens their day.

Then imagine this person sending this ball of light filled with love and positive feelings back to you. Feel it on every level of your being. Enjoy in it. Linger in as long as you want. Feel the love.

You can do this for a few minutes, pass this ball of light back and forth between you two for a couple of times.

When you do these exercises, you will feel so much better. I promise. You just have to do them.



OK, you did the exercises above and you feel much better. But what to do now? You are still too full, feeling stuffed and bloated.

My best tip for you is to just be gentle and forgiving with yourself and go on with your life.

Don’t until the next time you feel physical hunger.

And most importantly, don’t go back to that diet mentality, because this is exactly why the binge happened in the first place.
Avoid any kind of restriction.


Lots of times we eat to cope with negative feelings, too. Because we have all these positive associations with certain foods, we crave that food because we want to feel better!

So it’s REALLY important to start dealing with your shite, girl. ;) The next time you will feel hungry, just ask yourself this simple question:

“What do I really need right now? Am I maybe just lonely? Sad? Angry?” I have found journaling helps a lot in this kind of situations. Just pick a beautiful notebook and let it out. Whatever bothers you, let it out. It’s so therapeutic.

You can also take this 30-second quiz to see if this is something that’s blocking your weight loss success.


I’m gonna say it again. What you eat DOES NOT define you.

It can actually be detrimental to look at the food as good or bad.
Read why choosing to end this practice can help you eliminate junk food cravings.


You are ALREADY PERFECT in your little imperfections. You are unique. One of a kind. And oh, so worthy!

But no matter how many times I tell you this, it won’t change anything.

Because it is only you who can change your life. You are the director, not an actor of your life. Take control, because you can!

When you will start to feel as if you really are perfect and worthy and beautiful, magic will start happening in your body.


Daily self-love ritual will help you tremendously.
It made wonders in my life and in my client’s lives as well.

It doesn’t have to be long at all, a few minutes each morning will work miracles in your life.

Loving yourself *just the way you are* right now is so super important.

So start believing it! Even if you have to fake it till you make it.

Check out THIS article for a few of my favorite self-love exercises.

With so much love,



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