Raw Nutella Banana Roll

There is something special about this roll. First, it’s extremely delicious. Secondly, it has only 5 ingredients. And thirdly, it’s really healthy. You can easily eat it for [...]


Why people fail on the raw food diet

First thing’s first: There is no such thing as failure. There is only a delay in success.  Now that we cleared that, let’s move on. Have you ever ordered a raw food meal on your [...]


How Can I Influence My Family And Friends To Live Healthier?

When you make any kind of lifestyle change you are eager to convince all your family members to do the same, right? Because you feel so much better you just want to help everybody. I am most [...]


Raw Corn Chips

One thing that I really miss on a raw vegan diet is that crunchiness that you get in chips. So, I tried making many different chips, but corn chips remain my absolute favorite. They are really [...]